Rocks and Roses – My Memoir

Greetings. I’d like to let you know about my book, Rocks and Roses. It’s a personal memoir about a loss in my own life – actually, it’s about the series of events that brought me into the field of grief work and grief counseling. As the back cover describes, Rocks and Roses is:

“An intimate memoir, recounting a life-altering inner journey. The author’s courageous and unwavering commitment to “showing up, saying yes, and telling the truth” has produced a touching and powerful work that is likely to surprise and move the reader. Catapulting from the heights of love into the searing shock of sudden and unexpected loss, the author navigates the dizzying, shattering roller-coaster of grief, embracing the unknown maze of surrender, and opening to the gift of new life and spiritual transformation. From transformation she moves onward, discovering new ground, continuing growth and a new-found appreciation of the unfolding mystery and challenges of life.”

If you decide to read the book, be prepared for a very personal story. One reader generously offered a review that I’ll share with you here.

I have read quite a few books on grief and loss, but never one quite like Rocks and Roses. I have great respect for Joan Didion, especially her books about the deaths of her husband and daughter. In one respect these Didion works are unvarnished, but in another they carry the mark of being written; you can see the mark and craft of the writer. …your book has a feeling of a story just set down as it happened. …moment to moment …just telling what it was like to be there. This gives it authenticity.

…I felt drawn in compulsively. …I got a vicarious thrill from reading your story. Oh, that’s what it might be like, I would say to myself. You have quite a different way of writing about intimacy. …doesn’t seem staged. You provide no salacious details; feelings overshadow the physical details.

…another aspect that makes (your book) singular: …a group’s sharing in the public, unexpected death of one of its members, as extraordinary, uplifting, and positive. Your account of repeatedly being lifted by the support of others who were there …makes me wonder how I would feel in the same circumstances. …I am struck by your encounters with people who were not (present), but heard about (the event) and were moved by it. I suspect that this deepened your grieving process, almost as if you were a high priestess charged with tending a sacred relic. The reader gets a chance to glimpse an open account of your grieving practices – even some that are highly extraordinary.        –K.T. (Bellevue, Washington) December 4, 2015

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