A blessing for the hard times

In this time of loss and bewilderment, don’t ask your heart to make sense. Don’t require yourself to behave in recognizable ways. All bets are off when the foundation of your life and your love has gone missing. Let your heart be where it is. Cry and rant, in places and ways that feel right. Curse and moan in the comfort of your own privacy. Give yourself the space you need, and wait for your grief to speak itself. If there is someone who can witness and hold you, ask them for that. If not, give it to yourself. It’s ok to feel crazy; it’s ok to not know how to go on. Now, more than ever, give yourself permission to do what feels authentic. One day, one breath at a time, may be all you can sign up for right now. Sign up for it. And breathe, and cry, and listen to your own heart. You will get through this, and you will recognize yourself on the other side. Your heart may be bigger, you may bear battle scars, but you will always be you. This life-shattering is going to change you; let it.

Blessings along the way through.

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